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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Scorpions! Ugh!

Celebrating 3 and 1 year anniversaries of October trips to Hawaii Big Island and Kauai. Hoping for another trip to the Big Island sometime in 2017.

We move 7 tenths of a mile from a home where we never saw a scorpion to having a bit of a problem in our new to us home.  Last week we finally had a treatment and were feeling better about our sightings.  The brief story I am about to relate is true, and is a c, all for constant vigilance to me.

Last evening I was cooking dinner, and needed a spice. I picked up our tablespoon measuring spoon and shook out the spice, but the spoon down and began to crush it a little. After tending to my dish on the stove I glanced at the spoon and noticed what looked like a rubber band hanging around the handle, and instantly I remembered a warning by our pest control man to never pick up something that looks like a rubber band.

Yes, a two inch scorpion was wrapped around the spoon, had been there while I held it and shook the cup full of spice. My finger was less than a inch from the scorpion the whole time.  For some reason he did not strike, and at the moment unwound himself to run for cover, and met a quick and violent death by measuring cup.  Feeling grateful not to be dealing with my first scorpion bite.


Bebe said...

I had heard that someone selling their home had to declare up front that there is a problem with scorpions.......feel really bad for you. I could NOT handle that!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is scary. We've never seen one at our place either which is fine with me.
Leaving Wed. Morning and Lord willing will arrive on Friday evening. Will stop and play a round in Ely, NV if the weather is ok.
Good summer but looking forward to seeing everyone in Sun Lakes!