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Friday, October 28, 2016

Can a Christian be apolitical?

One of the 30plus lego creations at the Phoenix Zoo till the end of the year. Very cute work.

I am a registered lifelong Republican. I have no candidate running in this presidential election. I have heard all the rhetoric about voting for the platform, and considering the alternative.

I have also listened to the reasoned concerns of many conservatives on the unsuitability of the Republican candidate in terms of life long relational and stability issues in relationship to having the qualifications of holding this high office.  I still fear that many hopeful people will "get Trumped" with some disturbing surprises should he win the election.

Somewhat disturbing among the weekly verbal barrages from Trump, was the use of the word "nasty woman", "nasty woman" twice in the last debate, uttered under his breath but clearly heard by all.

When a Christian acquaintance of mine repeated the word in an attack on Megyn Kelly a few days ago, I realized how quickly Christians can slip down the slippery slope. Megyn Kelly, the darling of Fox News for years, is suddenly a "nasty Woman", for stating her real concerns over the character of Donald Trump?

Maybe because I no longer get Fox News because of attempts to whittle down my budget. Maybe because I have become the subject of Christian narrow mindedness of late. Maybe because I believe all humans have more in common than they pretend. Maybe because my studies reveal that all political power is corrupting, and that government has over reached its boundaries on both the right and the left. I do not know.  But I feel very sorry for those trying to lift their nominee to a level of political savior. I would love to be the subject of all the "I told you so" if He indeed rescues our nation from demise.

I could have stayed silent till this mess is over, but I am trying to learn to speak my mind regardless of consequences, and perhaps believe our problems have spiritual answers apart from this us vs. them game we play.


Anonymous said...

Have you voted? or Will you vote?

Don said...

Yes I have voted!