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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cruz, Bush, Rubio...long Sigh of sadness!!

Some colorful leaves on Prescott Square.

Got my ballot in the mail yesterday. I will vote quickly and shut down any interaction with the campaign as the outcome nears.

I have shifted lots of paradigms in the last 20 years, and now is the time for a good paradigm our at least a more authentic one to come to service.

The necessity of government I understand, but now I add the reality of Empire, which always corrupts no matter who has the reigns. Those who think their candidate will bring back something from the past may be looking through rose colored glasses.

The blessings of personal  godly morality I heartily amen, but the absence of justice and equality for all will not occur without a broader vision of a God who loves all humanity, not just us nice ones.

The separation from the church from politics was my heritage, and I still tend to believe that associating your faith with a particular party is a recipe for gospel confusion.

My firm and thankful rejection of all apocalyptic and doom and gloom theologies helps me not ever to run around ranting, "the sky is falling",  "the sky is falling".

My firm and thankful rejection of any belief that America is the new Israel, or the need to baptize our colored past and think we are a truly Christian Country.  Christians are people, countries are groups of people geographically and politically related....not the same.

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