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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Who controls my Facebook?

This morning the tone of my Facebook feed was rabid. The political parties and individuals attacking, accusing each of being equally wicked, so whats the difference, and threats as to what my vote for the wrong candidate will unleash.

I have friends who have dropped out of political involvement completely, I suspect for personal survival, and those who love politics and cannot stop posting and fighting for their candidate and party.

I have Christian friends supporting Trump who would be embarrassed to defend his character in any other situation, but are joining the efforts to make him look like God's political messiah for our nations survival.

I would vote for the platform I most support, but really fear He is,cannon with deep and twisted unresolved issues about who he is and some disturbing leadership traits that are downright frightening. If he goes rogue there is no telling the damage he could cause.

Lots of people are hoping God will step in and save us, or take us. I am not holding my breath for either for lots of reasons.

I still believe love wins.

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