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Thursday, October 20, 2016

O Ye Few, and Faithful

A day at the Zoo picture.

I have loved my little blog, closing in one 100,000 reads since I began in 2008. Just a few family and friends check in. I mostly share my life and a picture, and occasionally a rant on religion and politics.

For a while now I have been careful not to turn my facebook into a political or faith blog, and mostly the same here, although you know my views are changing from the general tone of my posts.

Retirement is changing me too, mainly because I am deciding how to spend each day when there are no messages to prepare, articles to write, people to visit in the hospital, and all the things pastors do each week.

I have started journaling in Evernote, and there I unplug and work through my thoughts and emotions where only me and God can reflect on my heart cries.

I have not lost my desire to grow in understanding, not by adding more knowledge but by putting the knowledge in the context of life and not being pushed and shoved by fear or uncertainty.

The world is changing, always does, and I do not want to be a rigid senior citizen, or a my way or the highway thinker. Life has been interesting, and I do not want to lose the moment by moment enjoyment of all that I can still enjoy. Maybe one day those private ideas will make there way to the surface, and maybe I will still have some people to discuss it with, and maybe the outcome of the election will elude both sides threats and fears, and life will go on with some degree of civilized interaction, some degree of unity, and some degree of good will.

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