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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Relaxing on the Weekend

Sunday for a preacher is an active day followed by a day of rather intense preparation of head and heart. I am not for one minute saying that my job is hard in a physical way, but in terms of how the week goes, it really is a seven day work week, with one day set apart for not being in the office. You prepare and serve and plan, and you have a meeting, and then you start all over again the next day.

When you are on vacation you are usually traveling, so this last two weeks was different. I was in the office during the day and teaching my weekly studies, but two weeks with no responsibility on the weekend was different and a pleasant change.

Back to my regular schedule this week for the next several months. Its all good.

This New York Gal caught my eye, obviously, as she checked her make up on the streets of Manhattan.

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