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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Human Nature

A selfie at Poipu Beach, I really wanted a picture of the guys arm tatoos and this was all I got. Loved using my waterproof Ricoh camera that morning in Kauai.

My friend Mercy was talking to a Palestinian in Bethlehem who said the Burka as normative did not become a reality until 2000 when the Muslims wanted to distinquish themselves and protect their identity in Israel. The Jews are also feeling less secure these days and are returning to a more fundamental outlook on life to preserve their culture and religion. It's human nature.

The Evangelicals are also feeling threatened and are hoping to take back America so it feels more like the one they grew up with, and are willing to follow anyone whose slogans promise them security and the way of life they remember. It's human nature.

We will see how this all goes.

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