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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

On the rereading of great Books

Fun movie, my soda went right through me and I had to leave four times during the movie, missed her backstory hints, so gotta go again.

Our Winter Bible Study is using Dallas Willards, The Divine Conspiracy to help us work through the best way to read and understand the Sermon on the Mount. I met Dr. Willard in 2005 at a National Renovare Conference in Denver in 2005. This book was Christianity Todays best book of the year in 1999.

I remember the impact the book had on me concerning the Kingdom of Heaven and the presence of Christ in our lives to transform and empower. Now ten years later it all seems fresh, though many of the points and illustrations seem familiar. Just reminds me that we should all have a stack of books great enough to read and reread. He died of cancer quite quickly three years ago but his influence as a professor at USC and a speaker in the ministry and an author continue to move the world. It is available on Kinkdle so I know have both a hard back and a Kindle I can mark up and make notes on, which I love to do on Kindle as it is so easy and so quickly recoverable..

Heres to great book about the great truths of the gospel.

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