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Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Pope, The Jewish People, The Trampled Muslims, and my damaged heart!

First the trampled Muslims, just last week I was looking at a picture of the million tents preparing for the trek to Mecca, and the Arabs unwillingness to take any Muslim refugees, and wondered what would happen if someone tripped in that mass march around the back temple. Well, the answer is....individuals get trampled under the mass influence of Islam.

Second, the Jewish People met for their high holy day in our Chapel yesterday and packed the place. I thought about how difficult it is to be a minority religion and of all their sufferings, and as they got in their Cadillacs and Lexus Automobiles to leave, I knew that America had been very good to Israel, and to Muslims who came here with the same attitude expressed on the Statue of Liberty. So, I prayed, Muslims, stop trampling your own people and the Jews and the West, primarily the United States.

Third, the Catholics, a very amazing world religion, one with very visible Shrines and very oddly dressed clerics, and a world fascinated by one who is crowned as the very vicar of Christ. And I worried, about the tendency for Empires, both evil and benevolent to try to use the trappings of religion for the purposes of wielding power and influence.

Fourthly, I thought about this powerless protestant who follows a risen Savior, and how confused many of my brothers and sisters who follow the literal paradigm that Israel and her feasts were supposed to usher in the apocalypse yesterday, and my damaged heart felt very, very sad for the world, for the church, the the cause of Christ. I was sad when I noticed that the religious channel that allows the prophets of doom to preach and set dates is actually running a telethon to raise money for the future this same day. Early this morning on the same channel a scary bearded dude stared into the camera lens and said, when you open your purse and send your money to me, God will open His purse and send His money to you, and my damaged heart hurt for the church of the Savior who became flesh and dwelt among us.

Faith is believing that the quiet voice of the peaceable kingdom will prevail, hope is looking with faith beyond the circus that is religious hoopla and love is committing to believe that God has not abandoned the least of us.

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KC Bob said...

Your last paragraph says it all Don.