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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

An update on CDA and my RCA

I live with Coronary Artery Disease. I look health and feel healthy most times, and my arteries are clear, so says my Cardiologist yesterday afternoon, that is after he fixed one. Since 2000 I have had three coronary events, ie. chest pain and heart damage, and now six interventions in which I had a stress test that indicated a problem.

Yesterday they found plaqueing at the end of an old stent, the ones before they began coating them with a plaque resistant substance. The majority of my problems have been in the Right Coronary Artery which provides oxygen for the hearts major pumping chamber I am told.

So, depending on how you look at the issue, I am either very successful in slowing down the disease or very poor at dealing with it. Given most of the lifestyle issues it looks like I am doing all I can to stop a genetic predispostion. There is always more to try and do which is my goal for this next twelve months.

So, a visit with the team on a miracle table called the Cardiac Catheterization Lab. A very bad nights sleep in the Cath bed area with some kind and compassionate and caring nursing professionals. Now I am home resting for a few days like many times before. Thankful, hopeful, and excited to still be living life among the living.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the details on your latest procedure. Will pray it is efficient and effective in its performance!