Hawaii 2010

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yune thoughts

Its Yune, it’s the month that you are supposed to trim the dead palm leaves off your palm tree. It’s vacation month and I am really in anticipation mode for a change of view.

It’s month eleven of my return to fitness program. I am going four or five days a week now and today I did sixty minutes of aerobics. I have a hard time believing the ads where people eat differently and lose 80 lbs in three months. This has been hard and grueling and slow, slow, slow. The benefits are real but hard won.

I did a bit of portrait photography at a family gathering on Sunday. Like anything you get better with experience, but it was fun. My subject climbed a tree and we got some good shots, but I did not notice a stray branch obscuring her face that ruined most of the shots. I also discovered that bokeh, the fuzzy background that makes portraits pretty, is not easy to achieve.

I am not taking my computer to Hawaii, so I will not be able to post pictures, except on FaceBook. I have been so regular in posting pictures that I think I will feel lost not taking a moment each day to reflect on something that made the day memorable.

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