Hawaii 2010

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Countdown to Maui, coin counting, and head count

This will be our residence for a week. The Kannapali Beach Club. Tonight we emptied our change jar that sits in our entrance and put 99 dollars in change in wrappers, refusing even to pay the Coinstar the 8 percent commission for counting money. Now that is some serious vacation intent.

When I was growing up my Father was a coin collector so we always had our eye out for good coins. I remember when I was a teen ager you found four or five wheat head pennies in every hundred. Imagine my surprise when we found 3 wheats in the four dollars we wrapped tonight.

We also booked a day trip to Lanai, with includes breakfast and lunch, snorkeling in one of the most spectacular spots in the world, according the the company??, and playing on an exclusive beach. Its a 90 minute boatride out their so it will be a lot of fun.

Fifteen loyal workers came for Sandwich day. The Rescue Mission gave us a lot of pineapple pie filling to serve as the fruit in the Peanut Butter. It actually looked quite appetizing.

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