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Monday, June 7, 2010

D Day plus 66

I stopped by a friend's home that is being prepared to sell. They were removing keepsake pictures from frames, including the picture he had taken after receiving his purple heart for being blown out of a foxhole by a granade at Guadalcanal.

I realized that except for VA Chaplains, I probably know more WWII veterans than the average person. And they are aging and leaving this world empty for their passing.
Like a couple today who stopped by who met during the war, celebrating 66 years of marriage. "We've seen and lived it all", he said. They are saddened by much they observe in the selfish and demanding generations that have followed the victory they won. Me too, me included in that observation.

I hope you all have friends in their 80s...they are wonderful to learn from and listen to. As we prepare to return to Maui after 21 years from our first visit, we even owed that visit to a spunky 83 year old who asked us to escort her on a dream vacation. I will share more of that story this week.

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