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Friday, June 4, 2010

Time together

Laura began her six weeks of summer break today, and we spent it together. She reported that because she has been working out with me for two months she was able to wrestle the children's seats around the room with ease. So we enjoyed our gym time together, and this evening we went to see the very cute romance "Letters to Julia" which makes you want to spend time in Italy, and helps you remember young love discovered and rekindled as the characters create a lovely Romeo and Juliet experience. Watching Franco Nero and Vanessa Redgrave together reminded me how long I have been enjoying romance in the movies, as they reconnect from starring roles in Camelot way back in the 60's. Touching.

The companionship of a long and good marriage is so sweet. We browse together in a Barnes and Noble, we eat chili at Wendies and then look at my new calorie counting app on the Droid to see the damage we did, as if it will change anything, we watch and laugh together as Laura's Chevy odometer turns 70,000, and we ask the car to keep going for at least 30,000 more.....this is normal life and love, and it is sweet and corny just like a chick flick.

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