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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trip Excitement T.E. for short

Sunday afternoon we leave with our two grandchildren to Anaheim for three days in Disneyland and California Adventure. Our fourth year in a row. I never went to Disneyworld until college and so missed out as a child. But this vicarious enjoyment through the eyes of my kids is amazingly fulfilling. Laura and I let the magic rule our hearts. I am gaging their growth by a repetitive picture taken in Toon Town at the limp weight bar.

Unfortunately, see my Daughter blog today, entitled "This Life" which tells of a broken arm last night. She was never to keen on the rides you have to hold on tight for, so we will be floating on the river rides a lot. And Ben's first visit too, how exciting for him and us. He is a great traveler and his folks will be on a four day cruise to Mexico during this time as well. I am excited about the photo ops of course.

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