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Saturday, March 14, 2009

God's Dream

Walt Disney has a dream for creating a place where parents and children could experience happiness and fun together. It worked and keeps working. I always notice with each visit that things are changing at Disneyland. New updates, old things being let go. We saw a sign pointing to Tom Sawyers Island, but now it is pirate island. Same place, newer and more gripping concept given the popularity of Pirates of the Caribbean. The one restaurant on Main St which was run by a chef who had worked at Disneyland for all 55 plus years was now closed. Many changes but never losing sight of the original dream.

I wonder about God's dream for a Kingdom of grace, peace and mercy. I have been leading our church through the teaching of Christ, emphasizing Kingdom, grace, and judgement. It was very clear that Jesus had come to change things, to bring some things to an end, to create new things to meet new dreams. History is not pretty and it is really hard to keep score, but deep down, by faith, I see that God provided the King, the Priest, and the Prophet, who was also the Lamb, and this eternal, invisible, incorruptible kingdom is succeeding just as He planned.

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