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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Disney Redux

We are home. 770 miles round trip, seven hours driving with normal stops door to door. Just a little too far away for an easy week.

We wandered into the Golden Corral, which in its heyday hosted many shows, and while we ate fish and chips and chicken nuggets, caught an old time vaudeville type show. We enjoyed it very much and sat with a couple who have year round passes. They said when they have a bad day at work they come and walk around the park. Very nice if you live nearby, but LA is way too crowded even by my Phoenix standards.

All in all, in spite of occasionally unruly grand kids, we had a delightful time. Couple of years ago we were there during a 100 plus degree july and decided we would never come in the summer again. Laura's semi year round schedule has allowed us an October and now a March visit, and both were much nicer in terms of crowds and temps.

We liked the Fairfield Marriott, a cut above the Harbour Blvd motels and less than five minutes from the gate.

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