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Monday, March 23, 2009

On the joy of reading for faith building

Yancy, Wright, McLaren, Willard, Capon.

It occurs to me, that since this blog is a daily life blog, you might not know how much I appreciate reading. This is not a Theology Blog, but a life long love affair with reading and study have made me what I am, at least the part thats well rounded.

I have been on a slow period the last year, because some of the major paradigm shifts are still settling in, but I am always listening for a tip that will send me into a serious interaction with a serious author who believes his or her ideas and reflections are worth reading.

This week I will share some of the writers that have influenced me greatly in hopes that you might delve into thier body of work and be blessed.

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Dixie said...

Looking forward to hearing about your favourite authors!