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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Partially Lost

ABC got broken last night and we missed the Lost Recap and 20 minutes of last night's episode. My sweet wife was miffed. I just caught the whole episode. That Sawyer is cool, and he has become a good leader, and he always gets the pretty girl.

Time travel books and movies have always fascinated me. Lost has hooked me like no other TV series with the exception of Everwood, which I thought was absolutely terrific each week, watching the father struggle with finding his way back into his kids hearts and filling the void left by his wifes death.

Back to Lost, it is so wierd seeing characters who appeared briefly suddenly have a role in 1974. Darhma is obviously a deteriorated shell of its original years. Now at the end we have the beginning of the reunion of the absent cast. What on earth is going to happen when Locke shows up with Sun, and who on earth or other planet is eternally young Jeremy Benson.

Shannon broke her wrist yesterday. Will Disney let her on the fast rides????? Will we have fun on our fouth year in a row???? Why is so much of the park under contruction and yet they are still charging full price????? What if I go on Pirates of the Carribean and end up in Pirate times???? AARRRGGH!!!!!!

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Melissa said...

I'm so excited to go! The dr. said that I should be able to ride all the rides. I just have to keep the cast dry. From Shannon,Mommy,Ben.