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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A New Trajectory

An untended burial ground in the industrial complex in Kauai.

I am retiring as Pastor of Sun Lakes Community Church at the end of June. It coincides with my completion of 40 years as a minister ordained to preach, and 49 years as a follower of the Lord. This 35 year old congregation has had five pastors and I am the first who will continue to live here. There was one pastor who lived here and stepped up to serve for a time, but I came here to serve and at least for the forseeable future Sun Lakes will be our home.

Health issues are the primary reason I am moving on, and a desire to do some other things with the time I have left is the second reason. I will still preach when asked, will always be in conversation and teaching and learning with those who I am in fellowship with after we step away from this place of service.

We have been thinking through the various issues of retirement and dealing with the questions and the uncertainties. We know its time for me, and since I am three years older than Laura, she will probably continue her career for one or two more years. We will see. Forty years passed by quickly. "Time like an ever rolling stream bears all its sons away" Here's hoping I have some good years ahead.

Given the upheavals in the world spiritually, politically, and socially, it's a good thing to step back from trying to speak to people trying to navigate the uncertainties and just work on my own search for beauty, truth, hope and peace.


KC Bob said...

Blessings to you Don as you journey forward on this new trajectory.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping you will continue to teach a small group on the side?
Don't want to lose you!