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Friday, December 25, 2015

A Disneyland Christmas

We knew it would be crowded, and it was. We knew it would be chilly, and it was. We knew it would be expensive, and it was. But....we also knew we would be enchanted with the family fun, rides, attractions and the general excellent and heart warming blend of music, memories, and Christmas cheer that always comes through so wonderfully.

We were surprised to hear not only general Christmas music all three days, but sacred Christmas hymns were played as well. We were surprised by the attention to detail that transformed every attraction to have a special Christmas feel. The Jungle Cruise became a hilarious Jingle Cruise, and every display in Its a small world played Christmas music and had a total Christams/New Year theme. Every street, every building was decorated with creativity and care.

A couple of things were jarring to me personally. Seeing a woman with her husband and children dressed in the full muslim outfit with only an eye slit for see. It just seemed so out of place among the crazy fun of children dressed as princesses and thousands of silly shirts and coats and disney headgear. Just a reminder to me that the fundamentalist islamic way of life will never never never thrive in never never land!!!!

I was jarred by three Korean teenagers holding large signs and passing out tracts as the masses headed into the soggy park on a rainy Tuesday. Threatening people with eternal hell when people have sacrificed to provide a disney vacation seemed to be in very bad taste. I don't care how much they believe that every family is going to hell if they don't repent, this was not a good venue to cast this negative pall over a very happy, and loving family crowd. I forgive the adults who put you teenagers up to this confrontational evangelism at its worst.

I will leave our biannual trip to Disneyland with the following impressions. The flowers and horticulture are beyond amazing, God and man at work to present fragile beauty. Music and fireworks were the most spectacular in my memory, they keep topping themselves. The patriotism and American spirit that drove Walt to present such timeless things as Moments with Abraham Lincoln and to observe the flag and band traditions of America.
Families with handicapped children and adults were treated with such love everywhere, including handicapped performers and care in helping wheelchair bound people enjoy the park like everyone else.

And, yes, Americans have enormous problems with being overweight, its not mean to say it, we are a nation of overeaters, and I am included. Got to get back on my diet after enjoying a Charro, two pineaple whips, some vanilla ice cream, caramel popcorn, gummi bears disney characters. To my defense I did eat lots of Salads too.

We love Disneyland and thank God for the positive cultural influence of this magic place.

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Memories for the ages!