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Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Music

Chandler Symphony Orchestra Christmas concert was this past Sunday Afternoon. Opened with traditional Christmas Carols, had three Hannakah songs for our Jewish Friends, and a number of secular and traditional Christmas songs that were enjoyed by all.

The last month of 2015 is here, just a few more weeks till the new year. We are already doing so many things a bit differently this year, starting with our decision to spend time at Disneyland on Christmas. We have done this once before and though the crowds will be huge the decorations and atmosphere will be worth it.

We made this decision with the knowledge that major park renovations are coming next year which we would not mind missing. We are further deciding not to decorated the home, which is a freeing concept.

Freedom is such a precious thing,and we must allow ourselves freedom to do different things, good things. So, let the Christmas spirit fill our ears with the music of the freedom we have in Christ.

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