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Thursday, November 26, 2015

The now that comes once a year

It happens every year, right at the same moment, when I am enjoying the Macy's parade a year older, but still amazed by this near timeless tradition of music, and bands, and floats, and balloons. This moment I am thankful for the carefree part of America, not the part fighting over how to tax and spend our money, not the part where families worry about rent and bills, not the part where policemen watch for lawless people trying to steal, hurt and destroy to take the easy way to making money from other peoples work.

This part of the American Dream, a parade, New York city, TV, musicians, stars, Broadway musicals, this, this this thing, is the freedom and the diversity and the talent and the voluteerism, and the fun of being American. Not racism, not hatred, not class warfare, not welfare, not prisons and jails, just this amazing time out of Thanksgiving. I love it every year in the now that comes once a year.

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