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Monday, November 16, 2015

SBC Super Pastor quotes Romans 13 and Donald Trump, get standing O.

The remnants of an old machinary and truck dump near Port Allen in the industrial area. Fascinating how the metal joined with the lava over the years.

In a six minute introduction to the service the mega church pastor spoke of the evil of Friday's attack, the core issues of ISIS commitment to attack western civilization, and governments role to punish evildoer, and then quoted Trump that it is therefore God's and Trumps will to bomb the $^^&% out of Isis in Syria.

This is the American way.

I heard many other ideas presented during the first wave of reactions to the Friday attacks. Some say WWIII has begun, but I heard that after 9/11/01. It is surely true that Islamic fundamentalism and terror are growing, and I feel really sorry for the worldview that has trapped so many in this mode of hatred and violence.

I am so new to the conversation about the church and non violence that as per usual I am listening to different viewpoints. I tend to favor allowing the arab countries figure out their own governance and building strong borders and a strong defense ready to protect democracies and allies around the world from terrorism.

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