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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Blessed weeks ahead

Number of visits to the Hawaian Islands. eight.

I used to enjoy counting the number of states I lived during my growing up years. Six. and the number of houses we lived in before I left for college. Six, and the number of schools I attended in my education. ten, and other numbers, like the number of churches I served, seven, and the number of homes we lived in during our marriage, twelve, and the number of cars I have owned, 17.

In recent years the collage had blended into a litany of general thankfulness for the joys and struggles and the sheer grace of God in allowing me to be born in this great country. This week I am taking a time out to enjoy a week of lightness of being, of the presence of Abba, and the years ahead no matter what comes.

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KC Bob said...

So true. Being born in America is such a blessing.