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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Change is always in the air!

These trees love being rooted and grounded. So do we.

Seniors just naturally resist change, in general all humans do. We like our routines and the comfort of our mental furniture we place in our lives to give us security and hope. The future always holds unknown outcomes and thus it is easy to dread it or fear it or to be apprehensive at least.

Hope, trust, and life experience help us to take each day as it comes. When those we trust and hope in begin to join in fear based predictions then sickish feelings of dread enter our life about the future. Wars and rumors of wars, stories of violence and barbaric actions from around the world create dread and cause us to exhibit anxiety in our present life.

The church is in the midst of a reformation, this being almost five hundred years since the Protestant reformation. People are observing the powers that be in Christianity and the teachings that have developed in the diversity that exits in non catholic organizations and they are asking questions that need thought and answers. When leaders refuse to engage these questions but continue to shout louder for the way things have always been it will create pressures that overflow into splits, people checking out, and the death of various forms of the visible church. This is good, and those who are the most resistant to the questions and respond poorly to those who mean the best in capturing the ways in which true faith will be a strength for the future will face dwindling influence and eventual irrelevance.

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