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Monday, February 11, 2013

Making small talk

I admire folks whose blogs have made them powerful. Read by hundreds of thousands of people monthly, funded by advertisements. This blog is just about my daily life, its like making small talk. Like the internet phenomenon, its also about visual communication. Facebook was plastered by pictures of a pretty damaging tornado that hit the campus of USM Hattiesburg yesterday. Its the next best thing to being there.

Its also been pretty darn daily in my life since my 40th High School Reunion four plus years ago, like a superstition, if I don't do this every day something will go wrong.

I am not much into the religious idea of giving up things for God, as I see that He is the giver of all good and perfect gifts. But it just may be possible that if I give up a practice for a bit, He make have something more to give me when I take my routines and put them aside for just a bit. Maybe that's the spirit of the Lenten pre Easter concept. Making more mental and emotional time to commune.

So, I am taking my first break from sharing my daily life, there have been some signs that I am out of sync enough to make some changes and I need to get refocused apart from this small act of daily reflection. I will be back.

If you have something to ask or share, Amazon, and tons of daily adds will share their dominance of my email space. Just email me at donhendricks62@gmail.com

I saw some pictures of whole families sitting in restaurants, with each one staring at the screen of a smart phone. This internet world is amazing, and addicting, and I will never say it was or is a mistake, for it has opened up our voices and ideas to the world. Its the stuff of reformation. I am saying it will survive my contribution for a few weeks. Blessings of Springtime to all.

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Kansas Bob said...

Happy blogging sabbatical Don! I did that last year. Also fasted FB for 40 days. Not sure how I will celebrate Lent this year.

Blessings, Bob