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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A reforming NOT Catholic

Please understand that we all deal with the things we learned when we were young. As a seminary student in the Reformed tradition many of our teachings were reactions to Roman Catholic teachers. We constantly rehearsed the drama of the Protestant reformation, the evils of the suppression of religious freedom that occurred and the violence in the name of the church that left a black mark on church history.

In recent decades I have applauded the move of that church to allow Bible Study and its attempts to deal with the issues of child abuse, and have seen the real faith of many practicing Catholics, as well as the real need for many to leave the church of their youth and embrace a non denominational approach to faith.

I am unable to end my disdain for the robes and glitter and pomp and circumstance and massive treasure of that church, its just not something I saw in the carpenter of Nazareth except for a momentary ride into Jerusalem for the last Passover feast. It is therefore fascinating to me how much the media loves all things monarchical.

I also have a concern for Protestant popes whose every word and book are followed by thousands, but that is a different issue.

Still trying to understand and follow the command of Christ to love one another, which is how the world will know we belong to Him.

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