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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Back after a Break

OK, I am back, needed to break my addiction to daily posting.

Spiritually, still struggling, but that's part of the journey.

Physically, I think I am having muscle reactions to doubling my dose of lipitor, I feel achy muscles.

Returned to golf with joy, after some nerves some really decent ball striking. Greens at Palo Verde, lightning fast.

Have good friends cruising the Hawaiian Islands this week, very happy for them.

Have good friends enjoying a new car and a snow day in Kansas.

Reconnected with friends from Prattville Ala, who got married one month after Laura and I in 1975. Saw there wedding pictures, and am posting one of ours.

Our Mexico build folks are back with a young girl who will be helped at the Tuscon Medical Center with heart problems, a miracle.

Having what is probably our last cold spell today, snowed out golf in Tuscon, how strange.

Saw a heartwarming movie on Amazon, Morgan Freeman in a Rob Reiner film The Magic of Bell Isle, totally engrossing family film with heart and soul.

Reading a book on the importance of keeping metabolism running on high, taking my temp and discovering I am no longer 98.6 most of the time, much cooler, working on it.

Enjoying borrowing a book a month from Kindle, reading an award winning novel about New Oleans and the voodoo culture.


Anonymous said...

Great to have you back-- Eden

Kansas Bob said...

I struggle too Don - spiritually and physically

I went off Zocor (and all other statin drugs) in 2011 and immediately felt better. I am trying a no-flush OTC niacin these days. Should know how it is doing next month.

Don Hendricks said...

Bob, I am already taking the niacin also. If this feeling of weakness and soreness continues for another week I am cutting back.

Keep warm, my Wichia Dentist friend has been snowed in for two days now.