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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Balance and overload

Since the turn of 2013 I have been ramping down my search for truth to let ideas settle and to realize that the mystery of God in Christ reconciling the world to Himself has the meaning and extent that God intends whether we push or shrink those limits in our own mind.

The following quote, however, serves to remind us how important this task is to our own well being.

Your image of God creates you. ~Richard Rohr

I noted in a morning study that a large group of Christians meet year to hear the gospel preached in which the bondage of the will to sin is a foundational framework. We are broken and need rescued, we will not find our way home without help.

Today my group largely affirmed that without free will, the whole gospel falls apart. Any election only involves God foreseeing those whom will respond to Him and loving them, and freely allowing those who will not to meet their own deserved destiny. Not rescuing the helpless but offering that which must be freely received.

Some comments were made as the the frustration of not being able to agree which of these arguments has the strongest support.

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