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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why people rebuild?

This is Aunt Martha Mansard Style home in Gautier MS. Her deceased hubby, Laura's Uncle Bud build it for a wedding present in 1975. Each Hurricane has decked the lower floor where her piano and organ studio and her guestrooms and washer dryer are located. It is our quarters when we visit. She said the piano bounced around in the water of Katrina like a cue ball in a washing machine. Presbyterian groups from all over the nation camped out upstairs and rebuilt the downstairs a room a weekend. She even put in an elevator lift for her aging knees. Taking care of this home and this large yard is her life in addition to church music. It is the link to her husband whom she misses. This is why people rebuild in Hurricane areas.

The two beautiful women in this picture has known each other for 50 years. They grew up next door to each other on this promontory. Both of the homes behind them were destroyed in Katrina and both rebuilt even better than before. Sherry's family camped there when her parents were young. This is why people rebuild.

Laura was raised in the tiny coastal town of Gautier Ms. The Mississippi Sound produces fish, industry, recreation and a unique lifestyle. Ingalls Shipyard which is now Northrup-Gruman is just six miles across the sound. The lifestyle is slow and wonderful. I confess, if Martha would sell me her home we would move there and wait for the next one.

If that were to happen I guess I would be Whistling Dixie again!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

"I confess, if Martha would sell me her home we would move there and wait for the next one."

If you feel this way in your heart, then you've never stopped whistling Dixie.

Don Hendricks said...

Point well made, and part of my rant, you can leave the south but the south never leaves you. Thanks for finding me.