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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mamma Mia!....That was fun!!!!!

Laura and I saw Mama Mia last evening. It was a rush. We had enjoyed the stage play when it toured Phoenix, but the Greek Island location becomes the greatest member of the cast. I love the way that a well cut movie can create a sense of exhilarating celebration as did the Dancing Queen Scene. It was well acted, and the jokes translated well from the stage play. Pierce Brosnan tried so hard to sing like an 80s rock star and almost pulled it off. As one who has a voice that is close but not great, I felt sympathy for him. What can I say about Meryl Streep that has not been said, she is truly talented and made the movie. Loved the dancing. I think some days in heaven will be like the joyful abandon of a group dancing like this.

When the light came on I found myself surrounded by women, with just a smattering of guys. I laughed and said out loud. "I'm at a chick flik"........come on husbands, this was so much better than Dark Knight in terms of lifting your spirits.


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