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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Can an Ipod save your life?

My Ipod Classic is my chief therapeutic tool, and I am quite surprised to tell you so. Laura got me one last Christmas at the urging of our hip children. I bought her one a few weeks later.

First, I had no idea how many CDs were laying around in drawers under our old Stereo, at the Office, and everywhere else. Now they are all with me every moment in my manpurse. (yes, I carry a manpurse, which is a camera bag that has camera, Ipod, and the Diabetes tester and Nitroglycerin tablets.)

Then I discovered that you could buy favorite songs for a buck. I did...eclectic songs like "Kyrie Elaison" and "Love can make you Happy", and of course "MacArthur's Park.

So, here I am seven months later with 3703 songs, and only halfway full. I have Movie Soundtracks, a healthy collection of classical music, piano, and slow relaxations songs. I have many Christian contemporary works, and have developed a deep love for Celtic music of all genres, from Enya, to Moya Brennan, and the Irish music I have come to love.

I use it to help me sleep, to calm me when stressed, for my walking, of course, when I am the shopper of the week, and thankfully, last week, when we boarded a plan with two kids under three last week. Now that was a lifesaver!!!!!

I repeat, this is not a kids toy, it is an adult mood stimulator. Get one now. I am not just whistling Dixie on this.

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