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Saturday, July 15, 2017

How I have slowed down time and observed a moment by moment physical cure

Shortly after my last blog on living with an incurable disease called artherosclerosis, a dear friend asked me if I would be willing to read a book on health and nutrition. I have read a ton of them, but the "wheat belly" you see in this picture stubbornly stuck around my middle.

The book explained the foods that cause inflammation and heart disease and listed a protocol to stop the damage if I was willing to change the way I eat. Given my heart surgery reality I started on June 19th, almost a month ago. Hence the title how I slowed down time, for the no eat list contained just about everything that made life worth living, and without them time seemed to slow down, as each healthy joyless meal passed.

But, to be honest, something else happened almost immediately, my blood suger highs and lows were gone, and a sense of well being flooded me as my gut was fed healthy salads, vegetables, and all the artificial chemicals from the sweeteners began to clear my system. After 17 years of going to be with high blood sugar and waking up with high blood sugar I am rock solid, and rebounding to normal like a person with no diabetes at all. Although I am not ready to show a before and after picture there is about 8-10 lbs less belly around my middle. Now I am slowly waiting for my three month blood test to share a longer term picture of what my A1c looks like, and to hope with hope that without inflammation the plaque build up will lessen or stop. Also, without the blood sugar spikes I am truly having very little food cravings and learning to enjoy the big ass salads, the yams, and my favorite healthy cheat...shirataki noodles!!!

For the first six weeks even beans have been forbidden, but soon, with the miracle of pressure cooking, they will be added to my diet and make things easier. So, this protocol is not for the faint hearted, but I am paying a price for healing, and beginning to enjoy the price. Yes, I did have a daily relapse at the three day conference this week, but not in the O Heck,  crazy way my diet failures has occurred in the past. I am so amazed as the healthy feeling of well being, I am excited about my new way of life.


DL Bailey said...

That is certainly a great diet change, congratulations. What is the title of the book you read?

KC Bob said...

I am excited with you Don. #welldone

Don Hendricks said...

The Plant Protocol by Steven Gunday

Anonymous said...

Hope you are continuing to reap the benefits you described so far--exciting!