Hawaii 2010

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Finish Well

Met a generous couple this weekend that are going to make some future dreams come true.

As the months count down to the change in my life called retirement I keep remembering to find something meaningful and worthwhile to do, and for me that means sharing what I have learned over the decades of study and reflection. Shifting from pastor/teacher to teacher in many forms and manners.

To that end we are buying a home more suited to the task of working out of the home, along with several other needs that were not met at our present abode, and a few desires as well, like a place to park the desert vehicle, ie, the golf cart.

I am so grateful for all we enjoyed, overcame, endured, and survived and am praying for some fulfilling years ahead.

Monday, February 22, 2016

If I share it, will I jinx it?

the shelter Amor home almost finished last weekend in Mexico by our team of volunteers

Lots of decisions being made, and some are big for us, requiring faith. Can I ask you to pray that although we have put the cart before the horse that the cart will sell and the horse will continue pulling.

We are making a move within our neighborhood for a number of what seem to be good reasons, and I hope you will join me in praying that all the details will work out smoothly.

More later.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Blogging has been rewarding

This is the play fighting I love from out child raising days.

No, I am not announcing the end of Notwhistlingdixie. I am announcing that when I retire I will be expanding my web presence with additional blogs pointed in the direction of my continued interests and aspirations.

This will be my daily or occasional blog, and others will focus on some gospel interests. I am approaching the 80,000 reads mark on my counter, although the one you see was a reset. I love the fact that people check in to see what thing has floated across my mind, and what picture has captured my fancy.

I also have been journaling privately with one of those cool new apps that updates itself no matter what computer you are using. I have joked about it, but I have an office computer, a portable for use in the Bible Study room for projection of outlines, and at the church, here at home I have my oldest laptop, a Toshiba that has backlit keys for typing in low light, an awesome feature for me.

I am typing this on the newest addition to my computing life, a small ASUS 2in1 with a detachable very pleasant to use, small keyboard, it was inexpensive and came with Windows 10.

Will keep you informed. BTW I have a tender and easily wounded spirit, so I am no longer able to watch the acidic fighting going on the GOP debates. Personal attacks half slanted bullying, I have no identity with this part of the political process.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Time slows down, how can that be bad?

Time is the most precious thing we possess in life. It moves on relentlessly. Yet, in my transition from working to retirement, I find time slowing down to a crawl, and perhaps made worse by this interminable, and completely frustrating election process that ruins the evening news, pulls our nation further into divide and leaves one more frustrated about the future than ever.

I am really trying to get a better attitude about the gift of each day, and living fully each day, but we are so caught in the mode of preparing for and fighting for the future that I am exhausted and feel stuck in a time warp. Silly but true.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Reflections on 50 Super Bowls

The 1967 version of me.

Today my message used the Super Bowl Hype to emphasize the Christian as an overcomer. There were days when the Super Bowl was a distraction that upset our evening service, days when the Super Bowl became a way to attract a crowd for a Church party.

Anyway you slice it, my life as a Christian and the Super Bowl have paralleled each other, each beginning in 1967, the Super Bowl evolved over time and added things, as did my message and growth in the gospel.

In my years in Arizona, I have enjoyed the proximity of the Phoenix Open with the Super Bowl, great extra hole tournament today. All in all it this days marks a lot of memories of places I have served and experiences I have enjoyed.

Watching the Hall of Famers who are aging poorly reminded me that we have a few short years in the limelight. Payton Manning reminds me of his father, who never achieved the professional success of his boys, but provided a legacy that has been impressive. I hope Payton has a long and joyful retirement, as I hope for myself.

Friday, February 5, 2016

The odd thing about transitional Faith

This fourteen year old adolescent received a small tape to tape recorder and had a fascinating time early in the new technology taping and listening to his voice, his radio, his family, until he drove them all crazy.

I live in the world of thoughts, and think about God and the Gospel constantly. Sometimes it is like a friendly inner conversation, and sometimes it is a hopeful engagement with a transitional faith, one that no longer finds things so simple or straightforward as he did a decade ago.

All people mature, and change, but this change in my heart is so foundational and has already caused many people to break fellowship with me that I find myself in a constant inner dialogue about these important issues.

Funny thing is that part of me knows that very few people spend this much time on ruminations, but keep themeselves entertained with light reading, upcoming sporting events, and general issues of daily life.

I do not know if I will ever be able to stop this inner conversation, this constant prayer, and just be a normal person when I no longer pastor and teach every week.

I do believe that when my transitional faith does not have to build bridges over parts of my journey that are past, then there will be a more settled enjoyment of the changes. I do know that when I choose to spend more time with those on the same journey, my convictions will solidify.

Meanwhile, I am thankful, restful, hopeful that Abba is leading us onward.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cruz and Rubio

Both are serious about their faith, both are good speakers, both have conservative values, both are young. It will be interesting to see what the Donald does as we go forward in the state races. Can any President get spending under control?