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Friday, February 5, 2016

The odd thing about transitional Faith

This fourteen year old adolescent received a small tape to tape recorder and had a fascinating time early in the new technology taping and listening to his voice, his radio, his family, until he drove them all crazy.

I live in the world of thoughts, and think about God and the Gospel constantly. Sometimes it is like a friendly inner conversation, and sometimes it is a hopeful engagement with a transitional faith, one that no longer finds things so simple or straightforward as he did a decade ago.

All people mature, and change, but this change in my heart is so foundational and has already caused many people to break fellowship with me that I find myself in a constant inner dialogue about these important issues.

Funny thing is that part of me knows that very few people spend this much time on ruminations, but keep themeselves entertained with light reading, upcoming sporting events, and general issues of daily life.

I do not know if I will ever be able to stop this inner conversation, this constant prayer, and just be a normal person when I no longer pastor and teach every week.

I do believe that when my transitional faith does not have to build bridges over parts of my journey that are past, then there will be a more settled enjoyment of the changes. I do know that when I choose to spend more time with those on the same journey, my convictions will solidify.

Meanwhile, I am thankful, restful, hopeful that Abba is leading us onward.

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Bebe said...

I totally get it Don!......Our LORD is faithful !