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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Blogging has been rewarding

This is the play fighting I love from out child raising days.

No, I am not announcing the end of Notwhistlingdixie. I am announcing that when I retire I will be expanding my web presence with additional blogs pointed in the direction of my continued interests and aspirations.

This will be my daily or occasional blog, and others will focus on some gospel interests. I am approaching the 80,000 reads mark on my counter, although the one you see was a reset. I love the fact that people check in to see what thing has floated across my mind, and what picture has captured my fancy.

I also have been journaling privately with one of those cool new apps that updates itself no matter what computer you are using. I have joked about it, but I have an office computer, a portable for use in the Bible Study room for projection of outlines, and at the church, here at home I have my oldest laptop, a Toshiba that has backlit keys for typing in low light, an awesome feature for me.

I am typing this on the newest addition to my computing life, a small ASUS 2in1 with a detachable very pleasant to use, small keyboard, it was inexpensive and came with Windows 10.

Will keep you informed. BTW I have a tender and easily wounded spirit, so I am no longer able to watch the acidic fighting going on the GOP debates. Personal attacks half slanted bullying, I have no identity with this part of the political process.

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