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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Reflections on 50 Super Bowls

The 1967 version of me.

Today my message used the Super Bowl Hype to emphasize the Christian as an overcomer. There were days when the Super Bowl was a distraction that upset our evening service, days when the Super Bowl became a way to attract a crowd for a Church party.

Anyway you slice it, my life as a Christian and the Super Bowl have paralleled each other, each beginning in 1967, the Super Bowl evolved over time and added things, as did my message and growth in the gospel.

In my years in Arizona, I have enjoyed the proximity of the Phoenix Open with the Super Bowl, great extra hole tournament today. All in all it this days marks a lot of memories of places I have served and experiences I have enjoyed.

Watching the Hall of Famers who are aging poorly reminded me that we have a few short years in the limelight. Payton Manning reminds me of his father, who never achieved the professional success of his boys, but provided a legacy that has been impressive. I hope Payton has a long and joyful retirement, as I hope for myself.

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