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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The tale of the skirted toilet and the un handyman

Why did the Chicken, cross the road...to find the answers.

Not too long after our master bath remodel the toilet seat got loose and we realized that we owned an amazing new type of toilet, at least for us,
called the skirted toilet. Until this week I did not know the name and thus all my google searches came up slightly askew. We tried in vain to figure out how to used the standard screw in end in a toilet that had no access from the underside.

Weeks and months and at least three failed attempts finally led us through many conversations to the concept of the top mounted toilet seat. I went to the plumbing supply store hope not to have to replace an almost new toilet and found top mounted rubber ribbed bolts called well nuts in the handyman vernacular.

Anyhow, what a handy man might know yours truly does not know, and a ten dollar repair took three times that and weeks and weeks of frustration.

Chapter two: the tale of the jiggly shower handle, and the continued frustrations of the un handyman.

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