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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Kissing Kid and Other Adventures

My bride and the groom 41 years ago. Hey honey, I bought a resort for our retirement!

Laura has been teaching long enough that some of her first graders and graduating from High School!!! Believe of not one student and his mom thanked her for the positive influence she was on his education, as he is graduating with scholarships.

She is sending him a piece of work she kept all these years to demonstrate good first grade penmanship. A very school deja vu kind of thing. Especially so because her drama this year has been dealing with a boy who won't stop placing unwanted affection on a sweet and innocent girl in the class. His mom says its her fault and so the drama of abuse begins. (this blog post will never reach this mom), so they moved him and he has chosen other girls to kiss. Such are the problems of teaching children to read and write in a culture where children see and hear way too much.

So busy getting this house sold and the other house closed I can't think straight.

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