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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Home Number Four

As I have shared before, in our early marriage we lived for over 10 years in church owned parsonages, which were called Manses in the Presbyterian tradition. They were delightful, over 100 years old with high ceilings and charm, but getting improvements and repairs was hard and everyone kind of felt like they owned it with you, in a kindly sort of way.

So we have now bought, lived in, improved, and sold three homes, and this last one is the one where we will spend most of our days, as I am currently beginning the process of vacating my office in a few months. So for the next weeks we close the deals, sign lots of papers, pack lots of boxes, and try to get our stuff .7 tenths of a mile away without bending or breaking, and as affordably as possible.

Counting some very short stays in apartments, this is the 12th dwelling in our fourty one year marriage.

I will keep you up to date with the progress. This is my dream home in many ways.

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