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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

So, Here we Go!

If I leave this continent it will be to move to Hawaii.

Life long Republican congratulates President Trump. We have elected an odd man, a unique man, a man whose flaws in character and maturity are visible.

I believe in the importance of civility, and hope and pray that both sides learn the blessing of being civil in a world that is obviously divided in many basic beliefs and hopes.

I believe that compromise is the very work of government for anything to go forward. Power is a privilege, and a responsibility. Our President has never been a politician, and he needs to listen to and trust many voices in playing catch up with how the system works.

I pray the most divisive comments and the most insensitive attitudes that Trump expressed will fall into the quiet background and his hopes for building unity and a healthy economy will become a reality.

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Anonymous said...

Well the masses have spoken so hopefully as you said, Trump will settle in and realize the responsibility he sought involves more than a quip off the top of his head. I do think that overall it will hopefully mean an economic re-adjustment away from politically correct irrationality.
Miss seeing you guys!