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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Rhino on Display

One of the things Laura and I decided to do with out retirement was to purchase an annual Zoo pass. Today was our third visit, in which we walked slowly and discovered that each exhibit decides when to reward the visitor, like today when we found an attendant giving the orangutans a nail job with a dremel. They all lined up for the treats and obediently poked their fingers through the cage and seemed to enjoy the process.

Or the Rhino, who normally sits way back in the corner, came out and showed his massive body to all of us from 15 feet.  We were also mesmerized by the large pink Flamingos who seemed to be walking and running in a concerted dance, first left that right, then in the water running in mad circles with those long stick legs. This fits so well with my devotional reading of Richard Rohr, a Franciscan teacher who reminds us that creation really is the handy work of God and the marvels of the animal kingdom are so amazing to watch and appreciate.

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Wow, what a neat experience!
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