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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The 100 Year Storm!!!

This waterfall is fed by a high swamp that gets hundreds of inches of rain a year, the wettest spot on earth we were told.

What an evening we had. After a very dry summer and just after we watched all the flooding in central Phoenix we finally got some rain. We sat on the porch enjoying it, .....until it kept getting harder and harder, lightning and thunder, and a downpour that in moments over ran our downspouts ability to send the water away from the back porch. For 45 minutes we worked with brooms finally brushing the waves of water into the pool, which went up five inches.

I am convinced that the thousands of gallons of water pouring through our downspouts would have filled our porch and entered the living room and the brand new carpet. It was exhausting and stressful.

This morning we are drying out soaked patio carpets, cleaning a pool the color of lake water, and wondering if this every happened before since the previous owners were never here in the summer, this being a winter home. There is a tiny strip of vented plastic between the cool deck and the porch that is supposed to drain normal water out to the sides of the home, but this was an overwhelming amount of water.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that was not the new experience you needed! Sorry you had to go through that!