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Monday, August 1, 2016

August-the last total endurance month

An acquaintance has been in Kauai posting pics all week and creating a longing for the islands in me this week.

We woke early on the first day of August to overcast sky and have enjoyed the respite from the heat, as we will enjoy our trip to Denver CO beginning Thursday. Laura watched HELLBOUND the documentary with me to be introduced to two of the speakers we will hear this weekend and to begin to understand the deep conviction I have that God disciplines us to restore, not for retribution or revenge. Humanity must break the cycle of scapegoating and violence if we are ever to truly have the Prince of peace bless our world.

Speaking of the brokenness of creation, we have attracted about four hummingbirds to our backyard feeder so far and for the last couple of days were distressed to find one of the larger ones actually bullying the others and running them off from the feeders from his perch in a tree nearby. My goodness the feeder has six flowers and unlimited nectar fellow...stop being so selfish and share with your fellow Anna's. I do not like Bullys, which explains why my heart is troubled a lot lately.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are getting some cooler weather--even some clouds! Have a wonderful trip to CO and keep in touch!