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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Facebook intolerance

I have grown weary of heresy hunters. The word is so serious that no one should consider themselves discerning enough to use it. When someone has a belief that differs from yours does that mean you can call them a heretic? Ridiculous! Sometimes people recommend a so called expert to put forth their warning. One attack upon the Book and Movie The Shack came from Charisma Magazine. Boy is that the Pot calling the Kettle Black. If I chose to play that game I would suggest that the people who love Charisma have chosen to follow some of the most corrupt religious hucksters any generation has ever produced. Heresy Hunters, O sure!!

I humbly suggest that we learn to have discussions about theological truth. I have spent 50 years as a serious lover of theology, a dedicated reader of all points of view, one who loved the allegorical freedom of authors like Lewis and Tolkien.  Please open your minds, fearful ones. Stop being so sure that your own family of interpreters have spoken the last word.  I say that to you proud Calvinists, and you odd lots of Charismatics, to your end timers and word of faithers.

Lets have some humility that someone may be onto something. Yes, I confess, I loved the Shack. I was in a needy and vulnerable place when I read it, in the hospital. And my studies have broadened my perspective on the theology of the Shack, but Young himself says we are to proud to leave position A, only to get stuck on position B, when we have not in fact seen all there is to see and understand about God and the Gospel.  Forgive the rant, Facebook is not the place to raise issues of heresy folks. Be respectful.

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KC Bob said...

I have given up (I think) talking to Heresy Hunters. They are mostly Fundamentalists. Surprisingly, I regularly encounter (on FB) Fundy Catholics calling the Pope a heretic.

On a different note, I have been reading a Richard Rohr book on Francis of Assisi. It has helped me a bit in knowing how to constructively process all the heresy talk.