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Sunday, December 4, 2016

A new direction

Christmas 2010, how quickly kids grow up. Ben is 11 and Shannon is 17 today.

Talking to a man in his 80's who said he retired at 58 and never looked back, still commuting back and forth from AZ to Wisconsin and his inherited Green Bay Packers Season tickets. I did not know their was a 40,000 person waiting list for the season tickets.

Talked to a man in his mid 80s, who talked about how hard owning his own small business was and how he managed to lose so much money during the last decade of his working life,....and he is still working in the same business and loves it.

Talked to a man in his mid 70s, who never retired from ministry, and now comes to work early to be home for his ailing wife suffering from dementia.

Been wrestling with this for a long time, but I am just not ready to retire and sit around playing golf and relaxing. It just does not fulfill me.  I feel like I have so much to offer from my life of study and experience.

More to follow.


Bebe said...

Yes....You DO have SO much to offer!

Anonymous said...

You have much to share with others that will be of benefit to many--will look forward to hearing in what direction you begin--and it can change along the way as well--nothing has to be cast in stone, right?
In Seattle where it is 33 degrees and raining but worth the trip to see our granddaughter have the lead in The Music Man last night--she was amazing! Didn't get her voice from our side of the family but lived up to the role played by Shirley Jones--Marian, the librarian!

Matthew Hendricks said...

Like I said.. write a damn book!